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Firework Display

Be Mindful Of Your Pets This Bonfire Night

Helpful Tips To Ensure Your Pet Has A Comfortable Night

Animals can become stressed on bonfire night, fireworks are loud and bright and can often frighten pets. The last thing you would want to do is to put your pet's wellbeing at risk.

How Can Bonfire Night Affect My Pet?

The days leading up to and around bonfire night can be very stressful on animals as the loud noises and bright lights can easily scare them. They don't necessarily understand what is going on and if they become too distressed it could cause injury or in severe cases death. It doesn't have to be this way though, following our helpful tips you could help your pet to have a much more comfortable night than they originally would. Remember, an animal’s hearing can be much more acute than ours, a loud explosion to us could sound like an earth shattering boom to your pet.

How Do I Know My Pet Is In Distress?

You do not have to be a certified animal whisperer to be able to recognise any signs of distress, there are several things you can look out for. If you own a dog then keep an eye on their behaviour. For example, are they following you around? Are they reluctant to leave your side? Or they may be hiding. They could be pacing up and down, being more vocal than usual or even being destructive. If they are really stressed they may become incontinent or in worst cases they may have self-inflicted injuries. If you are a Cat owner then many of the points previously stated will still apply, but also keep an eye on the food bowl - if stressed they may stop eating, they may also try and run away or they could do the opposite and try and hide in a dark quiet area behind furniture for example. In short, you will know your pets usual temperament, any change to it around bonfire night can most likely be down to the stress of the loud explosions and screaming fireworks.

What Can I Do To Help My Pet On Bonfire Night?

The best thing to do is keep your pets indoors with windows and external doors firmly shut. There is no need to shut internal doors as this might make your animals feel trapped. Leaving a TV or music on will help provide some background noise to help take the emphasis away from fireworks. Provide your pet with an alternative safe place with familiar items such as their blanket, some of your old clothes etc. Leave cats to hide where they want, do not try and tempt them out or move them as this could cause more distress. Ensure your dog has had their walk during the day before the fireworks have started and always make sure your pets are wearing ID tags, just in case they panic and run away. By not reacting to the noise yourself and praising your pet when they stay calm, you will help to show them there is nothing to be frightened of.

Scared Pets On Bonfire Night

Can Smaller Animals Be Affected Too?

The answer is yes, small animals can be affected just as much as larger animals and will also need a little extra care this bonfire night. If your animals are caged outside then do your best to bring them in away from the majority of the noise, if this is not possible then try partially draping a blanket or sheet over the hutch/cage to try and provide a little extra protection from the sound. Also try and provide your pets with plenty of hiding spaces and extra bedding for burrowing, at least this way they can retreat to a safe area of the hutch/cage.

I Am Having My Own Bonfire, What Should I Do?

First and foremost, make sure that all pets are kept away from the bonfire, then follow our previous advice. Remember, if you are letting off fireworks in your own garden and have animals outside, it is highly recommended that they are moved inside or to a safer place. You must take into consideration the extra lights and louder sound of the fireworks mixed with people’s reactions.

To Round Up

Animals have it much more difficult during bonfire events, flashing lights and thunderous bangs can be quite intimidating. Try to make your pets as comfortable as possible and as safe as you can, especially if you are attending an event yourself and they will be left alone in the house. If you are attending or hosting an event, stay safe and enjoy yourselves!