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Firework Display

Make Sure You Remember These Things This Bonfire Night

Protect Yourself, Your Family & Your Belongings

Bonfire night isn't just about fireworks, smiles, good food and gunpowder; it is also a time to make sure you are aware of potential dangers, and take precautions to prevent them from happening to you.

Have A Great Evening And Be Safe!

Regardless of whether you are attending an event, hosting your own or even just staying in this bonfire night, it is important to remember to stay safe. The combination of fireworks, dark nights and empty houses mean that accidents, injuries and home burglaries are all at an elevated level at this time of year, and we want to help you prevent all 3! Take a look at our infographic below for a little reminder of some potential incidents and accidents that could occur, and try your best to avoid them. The main things to remember are to stay safe, enjoy yourself, and eat lots of food!

Make Sure You Remember These Things This Bonfire Night