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The Spooky Cost Of Insurance For Creatures Of The Night

A Must Read For Witches, Vampires, Mummies, Zombies And Any Other Creature Of The Night!

You may be immortal or already dead, but that won’t help you financially if the worst were to happen or something goes wrong. Luckily here at Think, we can have you covered. Take a look at the infographic below for a few examples of the types of insurance cover these spooky creatures might need!

Have You Ever Imagined What Type Of Insurance You Might Need As A Halloween Creature? Well We Have!

We have compiled practical policy types and details for a variety of different creatures of the night. What would you do if your broom broke down on the way to get frogs eyes from the local 24hr swamp? Or you died again whilst trying to eat humans on holiday? Fear not, here at Think we have tried to cover all of the basics for you and have even come up with a few examples so you can get a feel for the kind of insurance we can offer you.

The Spooky Cost Of Insurance For Creatures Of The Night