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Tips On Improving Your Customer Service And Sales

How To Improve Your Customer Service And Sales

Having great customer service is one of the best marketing tricks in your arsenal, and can help spur your sales in the right direction.

Respond To Negative Feedback

Sometimes responding to negative feedback can lead to nowhere. Other times, you can turn a negative review into a positive one. If a customer has already contacted you before giving you a negative review either on a website or social media, then it may already be a lost cause. However, working out how you deal with negative public feedback can, and should, vary on a customer-by-customer basis as you need to be wary about highlighting negative feedback.

Make Yourself Available On Social Media And By Email

Your customers are likely to lead busy lives, so giving them a quick way to contact you is essential. For example, say a customer has an issue with their brake pads, they could email or tweet you a photograph and you could potentially diagnose the problem immediately. This saves both you and the customer time whilst providing a handy service.

Educate Your Customers

When telling a customer about a car or explaining to a customer what’s wrong with their car, you may feel that if you give too much away they’ll take that information with them elsewhere. However, if you don’t hold back and fully educate the customer, they’re more likely to stick with you in future as they’ll feel confident in your ability as a motor trader, and your trustworthiness as a business that they want to deal with.

Keep Customers Informed

If you are a sole trader and you’re going to be unavailable for a few days, it’s best to let customers know, as there is nothing more frustrating than trying to contact a company, only for the phone to constantly ring out and go unanswered. If it’s only feasible for you to respond to requests, such as email in a certain time period, let people know. Potential customers are more likely to wait for a response if they know they will get one. If the customer believes they will get a quick response by default, then you won’t be meeting expectations if that’s not possible for you.

Learn About Your Customers

Finding out your customers’ needs should be your first priority. It allows you to personalise their experience with your service and it gives you the opportunity to tailor your sales (or service) pitch to the customer you’re currently with.

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