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What types of Liability insurance cover are available?

The following types of liability insurance cover you when you have to pay compensation for an accident where your business or activities are negligent. They provide protection against any claims made by a customer, contractor, member of the public or an employee.

Professional Indemnity cover – this protects you if a customer makes a claim against you due to any problems arising with work you have done for them, covering claims arising from bad advice or mis-representation. Our policies are profession-specific which means they are tailored to cover the specific risks

Public Liability insurance – this cover makes sure you’re protected against any claims arising for injury to a person who isn’t an employee of your business, or for damage to their property.

Product Liability insurance – You are legally responsible for the quality of the items you make, use or sell, and any problems that occur with them once they are sold. This insurance also covers you against claims arising should your products fail and cause injury to anyone or damage to their property.

Employer’s Liability insurance – this is a legal requirement if you have any employees, and will cover you against any claims arising for illness, injury or death to an employee.