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Christmas Elf

What You Need To Know About Elf And Safety At Christmas

The Health And Safety Risks Posed By Santa's Workshop

Could you imagine being the Health and Safety Officer in Santa's workshop? Did you even know that there were that many risks?

A Busy Workshop Is A Happy Workshop...But Is It Safe?

Everyone imagines sweet little elves, with tiny little hammers, tapping away in Santa's workshop creating lots of little toys. What year are we in again? Fast forward to the modern world and Santa has more children to deliver to than ever! Hammers have been thrown out of the window (not literally), and the whole process has become more automated. Conveyor belts, lots of moving parts, machinery, tools and even more elves are now thrown into the mix. Adding up all of those elements now gives the Health and Safety elf one big headache. Take a look at our infographic below to see some of his issues, and make sure they are covered in your workplace.

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