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Who Needs Fleet Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Fleet insurance.

Who Will Need Fleet insurance?

If you or your business own more than three vehicles, regardless of type or size, then you could benefit from Fleet insurance. For example, if you run a taxi company with multiple cars, people carriers and minibuses then it may be more efficient for you to have an Any Driver policy so that, as the name suggest, any of your drivers could take whichever vehicle suited the customers’ requirements. Similarly, a haulage company may have many vans, Class 2 and Class 1 vehicles, all of which can be combined on to the one policy also.

You may be purchasing company cars for your managers or staff, so you might find that a fleet policy with Named Drivers on each vehicle is more appropriate.  Whatever you need, if you have more than one vehicle, whether they are all the same or part of a mixed fleet, you should be able to insure them all on a single policy.

So who could benefit from minibus insurance? Basically, any of the following:

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