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Why Do I Need Fleet Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Fleet insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Fleet Insurance?

First of all, to drive or park any vehicle on a public road, insurance is required by law, with the minimum requirement being to have at least Third Party Only cover in place so that no third parties will ever be left out of pocket as a result of you or your drivers being involved in an accident.

Having a fleet insurance policy instead of lots of individual vehicle policies will streamline the management and administration process for your vehicles as they will all be on the same policy, with the same renewal date, handled by the same broker. Not only that, but having all vehicles included on one policy will save on administration work when it comes to renewing, making a claim or changing any details. It’s also important to cover your vehicles for the right drivers; so rather than having specific Named Drivers assigned to certain vehicles (which in itself could potentially hold things up), with an Any Driver policy anyone in your business who holds a valid licence to drive the vehicle could use it. You can just have one policy for all of your vehicles and enable anyone in your company to drive them – Simple!

Here are a few key points as to why you need Fleet insurance:

  • Legal Requirement
  • Cover Against Damage
  • Easy To Mange
  • No Policy Grey Areas
  • Streamline Operations

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