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What Is Minibus Insurance?

Find out more about Minibus insurance and what it covers.

What Is Minibus Insurance And What Does It Cover?

Minibus insurance can cover you to drive your minibus either privately or for commercial use, whether it is for a charity, school, social club or group, personal or business purposes. Cover can be arranged in three different levels - Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive, and can include Public Liability cover, EU cover and Breakdown protection, plus cover for Any Driver or Named Drivers too.

Minibus Insurance uk explained

Minibus Insurance Explained

A minibus can be used for a number of purposes, the specifics of which will determine what kind of cover you will need. As with most motor insurance policies, there are three types of cover – they are Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive. These cover levels will vary in price, and the more cover you want, the higher the premium will be.

Third Party Only can cover you against claims made by any third party for damage to their vehicle or property, but not for your own so, for example, if you are driving your minibus and you accidentally clip another vehicle, the owner of that other vehicle would be able to get the damage fixed using your insurance but you would have to pay for your own vehicle yourself. Third Party, Fire & Theft is the mid-range cover level and can still cover all third party claims but will also cover you against Fire and Theft so, if your minibus was stolen or damaged by fire, you would be able to claim on your insurance and get the damages repaired or your vehicle replaced. Comprehensive cover will offer you the most protection, covering you for everything the other levels will, but with the added benefit of also protecting you and your vehicle against any damage following a claim or accident. So, if you have Comprehensive cover on your minibus and you accidentally back in to a bollard as you’re reversing out of a school or work’s car park, you would be able to claim the costs to repair your vehicle instead of having to foot the bill yourself. 

There are also different aspects of cover that you could choose from including Any Driver and Named Driver policies. An Any Driver policy will enable anyone that fits within a predetermined set of filters (usually age and driving history related) to be able to drive the minibus, which is perfect if you have more than one driver likely to be using it. A Named Driver policy will restrict the driving to only those who are specifically named on the policy itself. A Named Driver policy will be cheaper than an Any Driver one because there are less factors to be considered in the risk.

So what cover is available for minibus owners?

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft
  • Third Party Only
  • Any Driver Policies
  • Named Driver Policies
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Cover To Drive In The EU
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Legal Expenses Cover

mini bus insurance UK explained

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