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Serious Speeders To Face Increased Fines

Harsher Punishment Comes Into Effect In April

Drivers caught excessively speeding in England and Wales will be fined up to 150% of their weekly income, in changes that will come into effect on 24th April.

The tougher penalties would come into play for drivers caught speeding at 101mph or faster on a motorway, or are caught travelling at more than 50mph in a 30mph zone. Going 31mph in a 20mph zone could see you disqualified for between seven and 28 days or given between four and six points on your licence, as well as a fine of 75-125% of your weekly income.

Mobile Phone Usage Fines Also Increase

The fine and points given for using a mobile phone at the wheel will also increase, doubling from three points and a £100 fine to six points and a £200 fine. Young drivers could have their licence revoked after their first offence and more experienced drivers could end up in court with a fine of up to £1,000.

What Do The Sentencing Council Say?

"The magistrates' courts deal with the vast majority of offenders in England and Wales, so it is essential that the guidelines they use are up to date and help ensure that sentences are applied consistently and effectively." said District Judge Richard Williams, a member of the Sentencing Council.

What Do The RAC Say?

RAC Road Safety Spokesman Pete Williams said: "We welcome the change in sentencing guidelines for gross speeders. Anyone who breaks the limit excessively is a danger to every other road user and is unnecessarily putting lives at risk. Hopefully, hitting these offenders harder in the pocket will make them think twice before doing it again in the future. While greater sentences for excessive speeders are obviously a deterrent, the best deterrent of all is more effective enforcement.”

Convicted Driver Insurance

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