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Who Needs Taxi Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Taxi insurance.

Who Will Need Taxi insurance?

If you are getting paid to pick people up and drop them off at different locations then you are a taxi driver and as such you should get the correct type of insurance. This includes private hire drivers, public hire drivers, minibus drivers, airport runs, school runs and much more. You may think that a standard car insurance policy would have you covered but if an incident were to happen or you were to be investigated then it would soon become clear and your insurance would become void. If you are self-employed or contracting then you may wish to consider taxi Public Liability cover because if someone were to be injured as a result of your business actions then you could be liable and may face huge compensation claims.

So who needs Taxi insurance? Basically, anyone who:

  • Drives A Taxi
  • Is A Black Cab Driver
  • Is A Private Hire Driver
  • Is A Public Hire Driver
  • Is A Minibus Driver
  • Works As A Chauffeur
  • Does School Contracts 
  • Does Airport Collections

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