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97 Percent Of Car Buyers Research Next Purchase Online

Of The 1,000 People Surveyed, Almost All Of Them Said They Research Online

Figures published by has revealed that 97 percent of car buyers arrive at dealerships armed with information after researching online.

Research Your Car

It’s not just light research either, as 39% of consumers even spend more than four months researching cars before putting their hands into their pockets, and 59% spend over eight hours to learn as much as they can about their new car.


Where To Get Advice

The advice of the general public carries the greatest weight, with 63% of people who responded to the Car Keys survey saying they trust independent reviews the most, with editorial reviews coming in at 37%. However potential punters are willing to change their mind, with 69% saying they would also consider advice from motor traders.


The Most Important Factors When Buying A Car

Price and location have been listed as important, with 29 percent of respondents saying they would walk away if the price isn’t right. The survey results show that buyers prefer buying local with 63 percent saying they would rather not travel more than 50 miles to visit a motor trader.

What Do Motor Traders Think?

So does this research tie in with what motor traders themselves find? Let us know your thoughts. If in the meantime, you’re a motor trader and you need insurance, then our team of experts can help you out. Fill out our Get a Quote form or call us today on 0800 221 8073 to see how much you could save!