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Add Your Spouse To Your Motor Trade Insurance Policy

Add Your Partner To Your Traders Insurance

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Did you know you can add your significant other on to your Motor Trade Insurance policy? Did you also know that they can be added on for relatively low cost?

Add Your Spouse Or Partner For As Little As 5%

You can add your spouse on to your motor trade policy with most good insurance companies with very little fuss, and it can cost as little as 5% of your total premium! More good news is that you don’t even have to be married as most companies will now consider a common law wife/husband in the same way. So, as long as you co-habit, they can be added to your policy and you can start saving money!

So Where Exactly Can You Save?

Here’s an example…If you are a motor trader and move into a house with your girlfriend/wife/partner, and you both have separate vehicles individually registered to each of you, both of which have separate car insurance policies, then you will probably be paying approximately £450 on each one, costing a total of £900. You could instead take out a motor trade insurance policy for £600 (as an estimate…generally a trade policy can be as cheap as a private car policy anyway!) and add your spouse/partner and her vehicle on to the policy as well. You could then cancel her insurance policy saving you one set of insurance premiums. Your partner should be able to get covered for everything she had covered on her own car insurance policy, and would not even lose her no claims bonus as you can cancel a policy and keep the discount for up to 2 years without using it.

Add Your Other Family Members Too

So, as long as you are a motor trader you can benefit from the fact that you can add multiple vehicles and drivers onto your policy. Please note that the benefits stated in this article can be attributed to a spouse only, whether common law or not, and the costs stated are for illustration purposes only. Other family members/friends/employees can also be added to your policy, but may be subject to different terms and conditions or costs.

Want To Add Your Spouse? Get In Touch Today!

The ability to add your partner on to your Motor Trade Insurance policy is an often over looked benefit of working in the trade, and can often save you money. For more details, or to find out how this could benefit you and your business, call us today!