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Additions and Optional Extras for Motor Trade Policies

About Motor Trade Insurance Policies

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When you take out a motor trader insurance policy, as well as getting cover for the vehicles, there are a number of other policy additions and optional covers that you may not necessarily be aware of, but which could give you added protection and peace of mind.

Demonstration Cover

This can be an extremely useful extension to your policy if you are a motor trader or are going to be selling cars. With this added level of cover, you can let potential buyers take your cars out for a test drive – accompanied by yourself for security obviously! This is clearly going to increase your chances of making a sale so it can be a very good idea to look into if you don’t already have it.

Stock Of Vehicles

Again this is a fairly vital type of cover if you/your business keeps your stock vehicles on your business premises. Clearly, without cover, if any damage or theft occurs to these vehicles then you will be out of pocket but you can protect yourself against this by getting the right level of cover from day one.

Carriage Of Vehicles

Carriage of vehicles cover is a more specific add-on that is only really needed if you are going to be transporting vehicles on the back of a truck or recovery vehicle. Whether you take vehicles to and from auctions, or offer a vehicle delivery service to your customers, taking this out will give you the right cover in the event of any damage occurring to the vehicle(s) whilst in transit.

Tool Cover

For any business that regularly needs to use a variety of tools to carry out the day-to-day work, which in the motor trade industry is pretty much all of them, getting this added onto your policy is a must. If your tools get stolen you are either going to have to fork out to replace them or you will be unable to work, neither of which is ideal. With the right form of protection you can ensure that this is not a problem as you can quickly sort out replacements, safe in the knowledge that your policy covers them.

Ask Your Broker Today!

There are many other additions and variations that you can make to your motor trader insurance policy and if you are unsure exactly what type of cover you need, it is advisable to speak with a broker to get as much information as possible. Think Insurance are one of the UK's leading specialist Motor Trade insurance brokers and are happy to help if you’re looking for more information or want a quote to see how much any of the above levels of cover could cost you. Click 'Get a Quote' below or call 0800 221 8077.