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Why Do I Need Body Shop Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Body Shop insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Body Shop Insurance?

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for motor trade businesses to have a minimum level of insurance cover to protect themselves, their employees, their customers and members of the public too. It’s then down to the individual business owner to decide what cover, over and above the minimum required, they want to take out to protect their business

Although any additional cover comes at an additional cost, you have to weigh up the risk (and cost) that could be posed form a potential accident occurring. The cost of a claim following faulty repairs, damaged parts fitted or negligence could easily run in to tens of thousands of pounds, which could seriously impact on our business and even put its future in doubt – so choosing the exact cover you want can be a very significant decision.

So why is it important?

  • You Need It By Law
  • It Provides Liability Cover
  • To Cover Your Tools
  • To Cover Machinery
  • Buildings & Contents Cover
  • To Cover Your Stock
  • Business Interruption Cover

How To Get A Quote?

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