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Can Employees Vehicle Be Covered For Private Use?

The answer depends on which insurer you are with.

If you are a motor trader or run a business within the motor trade, such as a garage, valeters or vehicle recovery business, and have employees working for you, then it is important to make sure that you have the right Motor Trade insurance in place and you know what every driver on your policy is and isn’t covered for.

Different insurance companies will have different rules, so if you’re not sure, it is important to double check before letting somebody drive a vehicle they may not be covered to drive.

It may be possible for you to be able to add your employees on to your Motor Trade insurance policy, with cover to drive your business vehicles or your personal vehicles, though this can differ by your own circumstances and insurer. 

While most insurers will not provide cover on your policy for your employees to have private use in their own vehicles, there may be some that are willing. 

In some cases it may be possible, with one or two insurers, to add your employees vehicles on to your Motor Trade insurance policy, however if it is possible, you will have to pay a very high premium to do so due to the increased risk this poses to the insurer. Some insurers may only allow you to add them if the employees work for you on a full time basis, while others may even consider offering cover if they work for you on a part-time basis as well. Again, this may depend upon your circumstances and those of your employees, and there may be restrictions applied on your policy as well.

With all of the different options available and different requirements for each insurer, it is important that you discuss your business needs with your broker before doing or allowing anything which may not be covered by your policy. For more details, or to discuss this with an expert, call us on 0800 221 8077.