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Can I Add My Partner or Children to My Motor Trade Policy?

Are you looking to add a partner or another member of your immediate family to your Motor Trade insurance policy?

Most Motor Trade insurance brokers and policies will allow you to add your partner or spouse to the policy, along with their personal vehicles too. Certain insurers may also allow you to choose a different level of use for your partner or spouse, such as allowing you to specifically exclude them from using the vehicles for business purposes. In doing this, it may also help you reduce the cost of your premium verses if they were also covered for business use.

If you are looking to add your children on to your Motor Trade insurance policy, then in order to be covered, they must be involved in the business in some capacity, either as a business partner, or as a paid employee. 

When it comes to adding your spouse, partner or children on to your Motor Trade insurance policy, you may also want to consider their age, driving record and also whether or not they have any criminal convictions as this will impact your ability to add them, and may also have a bearing on the amount you have to pay.

If your children are under the age of 25 then they must either be a business partner or they must be a legitimate paid employee of the business. We wouldn’t be able to add them for personal/ social use if they are under 25 years old.

If your spouse, partner or children have excessive motoring convictions we may not be able to add them to your Motor trade insurance policy, and similarly, if they have certain criminal conviction including fraud or insurance fraud, we will not be able to cover them.

If you are unsure whether your spouse, partner or children meet the required criteria, or you want to discuss the options available to you, then please call our Motor Trade insurance specialists on 0330 127 4100 and they will be happy to help.