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Can A Motor Trader Drive Someone Else's Car With Their Permission?

As a motor trader working on other people’s cars, will my Motor Trade insurance cover me to drive these vehicles? Read below to find out.

As a motor trader, or someone working in the motor trade that needs to drive other people’s cars for purposes relating to their business activity, then you are going to need to be covered for this as part of your Motor Trade insurance policy. 

For example, if you are a mechanic fixing other people’s vehicles, then you will need to drive their vehicles to help diagnose problems, to test after carrying out work as part of the checking process, and also move the vehicles around on your premises. 

Similarly, if you are a valeter, you may need to move a customer’s vehicle in order to clean it or to deliver it back to them, if you offer pick-up and delivery as part of your service. 

Don’t forget though, your Motor Trade insurance policy will only cover you to drive other people’s vehicles as part of the motor trade related work you are carrying out, and not for Social, Domestic and Pleasure purposes.

Cover may only be extended to certain people on your policy, so make sure you know exactly who is insured and what they are covered for before allowing anyone else within your business to drive someone else’s vehicle. If you are not sure, check with your broker before letting someone behind the wheel! It’s better to make sure beforehand, rather than find out when it’s too late and there’s been an accident which may not be covered, leaving you significantly out of pocket.

For full details of exactly which vehicles you can and can’t drive as part of your Motor Trade insurance policy, or if you have any other questions regarding your policy such as windscreen cover, call our experts and chat through your requirements today on 0800 221 8077.