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Can I Use a Private Car No Claims Bonus for Motor Trade?

Having a No Claims Discount may help reduce your Motor Trade insurance premium, even if it’s a Private Car No Claims Bonus.

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A lot of motorists starting out in the Motor Trade may have several years of Private Car insurance No Claims Bonus (sometimes known as No Claims Discount) built up, but understandably will not have any Motor Trade claims free driving due to not having any experience. In this instance, if this applies to you, you may be able to use any No Claims Bonus that you’ve built up on a private Car insurance, or Van insurance policy to help reduce your Motor Trade insurance premium.

Alternatively, if you have only been in the motor trade for one or two years, you could top up your Motor Trade insurance No Claims Bonus with your Private Car insurance No Claims Bonus. For example if you have three years NCB with your Personal insurance provider and two years Motor Trade insurance NCB, then you could add it together to get a discount for five years’ claims free.

So how does this work? Well, you can use a Personal Car insurance No Claims Bonus because it essentially operates in the same way as a Road Risk Motor Trade insurance policy, so therefore it is comparable. Many Motor Traders opt to have a Road Risk Only insurance policy, instead of opting for a Combined Motor Trade policy which would combine Road Risk cover with Contents cover, which can include things like Liability insurance, Stock of Vehicles and Tool cover.

So yes, you can use a private No Claims Bonus for your Motor Trade policy, but each insurer will be different and some may not count all of your bonus, restricting it from five years to one or two years for example. If your private NCB is protected and you’ve had a claim on your Private Car insurance, then your Motor Trade insurer may choose not to recognise it as a full No Claims Bonus. Exactly what can and can’t be accepted, and how they are viewed, may differ by insurer, based on your individual circumstances. 

For full details of whether and how we could include it, please call one of our specialist motor trade team on 0800 221 8077.