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Can I Use a Private Car No Claims for Motor Trade?

Having a No Claims Discount may help reduce your Motor Trade insurance premium, even if it’s a Private Car No Claims Bonus.

A lot of motorists starting out in the Motor Trade may have several years of Private Car insurance No Claims Bonus (sometimes referred to as a No Claims Discount) built up, but understandably will not have any of history of Motor Trade claims free driving due to not having any experience. 

In this instance, if this applies to you, you may be able to use a No Claims Bonus that you’ve built up on a private Car insurance, or Van insurance policy to help reduce your Motor Trade insurance premium.

Alternatively, if you have only been in the motor trade for one or two years, you could top up whatever Motor Trade insurance No Claims Bonus you’ve earned with your Private Car insurance No Claims Bonus. For example, if you have three years NCB with your Car insurance provider and two years Motor Trade insurance NCB, then you may be able to add it together to get a discount for five years claims free.


How Can I Combine a Personal NCB with a Motor Trade NCB?

Because a Personal Car insurance policy essentially operates in the same way as a Road Risk Motor Trade insurance policy, this means that the NCB earned from years of claims free driving on a Private Car insurance policy is seen by some motor trade insurers as comparable to a NCB earned on a Motor Trade Road Risk policy.

This is due to the fact that many Motor Traders opt to have a Road Risk Only insurance policy, instead of opting for a Combined Motor Trade policy which would combine Road Risk cover with Contents cover, and can include things like Liability insurance, Stock of Vehicles and Tool cover too.

So yes, you can use a private No Claims Bonus for your Motor Trade policy, but each insurer will be different and some may not count all of your bonus, restricting it from five years to one or two years for example.

If your private NCB is protected and you’ve had a claim on your Private Car insurance, then your Motor Trade insurer may choose not to recognise it as a full No Claims Bonus. Exactly what can and can’t be accepted, and how they are viewed, may differ by insurer, based on your individual circumstances, so always check with your broker and use this FAQ as a guide only.

How to Save Money on Your Motor Trade Insurance

Having multiple years of claims free driving in the form of a No Claims Bonus can go a long way in helping you to save money when taking out a Motor Trade insurance policy. However, there are other ways you can lower the price of your Motor Trade insurance premium.

One of the best ways to make sure you keep your Motor Trade insurance premium at a price your wallet is going to like, is by making sure you’re only paying for what you need. Motor traders can often mistake the “best” Motor Trade insurance for the policy that’s right for them, and end up paying for additional Motor Trade insurance products that their business doesn’t need.

By properly assessing the needs of your business you should be able to identify the areas of your operation that need insuring, and avoid paying for things you don’t need!

Discuss How You Can Use Your NCB to Save on Your Motor Trade Insurance with an Expert!

Trying to figure out what sort of No Claims Discount you may be eligible for can be confusing; it’s not a straight forward subject by any means, which is why you may want to speak to someone who deals with Motor Trade insurance every day.

At Think Insurance we have a team of specially trained and experienced Motor Trade insurance experts who can help you figure out how much of your Private Car No Claims Bonus (if any) can be used when taking out your first Motor Trade Insurance policy. Alternatively, if you are combining your NCB from a Private Car insurance policy with one gained through being insured as a motor trader, they can help you add those together.


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Not only can the Motor Trade insurance experts at Think Insurance help you better understand your No Claims Bonus and how it affects your Traders insurance premium, but they can help you design a Motor Trade insurance policy that is unique to your business, helping you to ensure that your motor trade activities are properly covered and protected.

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