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Can You Cover Part-time Motor Traders?

As a specialist Motor Trade insurance broker, we are able to cover people working in the trade on a full-time basis and on a part-time basis too.

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The main provison with our Part-Time Motor Trade insurance policies is that you have to be operating a genuine, actual business, and not just working on cars as a past-time or hobby.

It doesn’t matter which area of the trade your business is operating in, we can help you get the right cover – here are some examples:

  • Part-Time Motor Traders buying and selling vehicles for profit
  • Part-Time Mechanics or Mobile Mechanics
  • Part-Time Garages, Body Shops or Vehicle Repairers
  • Part-Time Tyre Fitters
  • Vehicle Recovery Agents
  • Collection & Delivery Agents
  • Part-Time Valeters
  • Part-Time Airport Car Jockeys

You may be looking at starting a business on a part-time basis to test the water and see if there’s an opportunity to make enough money and turn it in to a full-time business. It’s a sensible decision to keep your other job going while your motor trade business is getting off the ground, to ensure you still have money coming in and aren’t solely reliant on your motor trade income from Day One. It gives you the breathing space to slowly build the business up without taking too many risks, and allows you the comfort of knowing there’s something to fall back on if you need it. 

However, once your motor trade business is booming and the cash is rolling in, you may be in a position to give up your other profession and become a full-time motor trader. If this is the case, we can cover you while you’re business is getting going with one of our Part-Time Motor Trade policies, and then when you’re flying we can move you to a Full-Time Motor Trade policy.

Our Part-Time Motor Trade policies can include the following:

  • Demonstration cover
  • Tool cover
  • Additional Business Use available 
  • Carriage of Vehicles cover
  • Stock of Vehicles
  • Public Liability cover
  • Cover For Recovery Trucks
  • Split Indemnity
  • Multi Premises cover
  • Goods In Transit
  • Motorbike cover

We can talk you through the differences between the types of policy and help you understand what’s best for you and your business. Call our specialist team today on 0800 221 8077.