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Can You Drive Any Car on a Motor Trade Policy?

Find Out What Cars You Can Drive

Making sure you know what cars you can drive is an important part of having a Motor Trade insurance policy, so that you know that you’re are properly covered when undergoing your motor trade tasks.

The cars you can drive on a Motor Trade insurance policy will depend on the type of policy you take out. Usually, you can’t just drive any car you feel like driving; most trade car policies will only let you drive cars related to your business for business purposes, or that you own.

who can drive customers cars on a motor trade insurance policy

Who May Need to Drive Customer Cars?

A car salesman for example, could have a policy that gives them the ability to drive the cars they are selling, any personal vehicles, plus test drive cars they may wish to purchase.

A mechanic (or similar) would need to have the ability to drive a customer’s car to diagnose a problem, move around their premises from car park to workshop, make sure repairs undertaken are working and any problems are fixed.

If you are a car jockey, your Motor Trade insurance policy needs to cover you to drive customer’s cars, because if you don’t have the insurance to allow you to properly do your job, then you are breaking the law and you risk receiving an IN10 endorsement on your licence.

In fact, almost all motor traders may need to have cover for moving client vehicles but it can depend on how you operate your specific type of motor trade business.

For example, if you are valeter then depending on what type of valeter business you operate, you may need cover for moving client cars. If you operate in a shopping centre car park for example you may need to move client vehicles from specially designated parking spots to the area of the car park you wash them in. However, if you operate a drive-in car wash then it’s unlikely you’ll need to drive a client’s car.

You may need cover for moving client vehicles if you are a tyre fitter. Many tyre fitting businesses operate in a way that allows the customer to drive their cars onto the ramp (this is where a Public Liability insurance would definitely be recommended!), but for those that decide to move client vehicles themselves, then appropriate cover will need to be added to the policy.

You Can’t Drive Any Car You Like on a Motor Trade Policy!

Every so often there will be a story in the news about a motor trader that has breached the client’s trust and taken their nice car out for a joyride, like the scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You will be covered to drive a client’s car for motor trade related activities only, and not because you want to test its limits on an industrial estate. If you cause damage to the car or a third party whilst driving a client’s car not for motor trade reasons, you could see that claim rejected and you may even see your policy cancelled.

In summary, Motor Trade policies are designed for you to operate your business, and to allow you to drive your own vehicles and customers' vehicles, but you can’t just drive the vehicles belonging to your friends or family members if they are not on the policy.If you choose to drive vehicles that wouldn’t be covered under your Motor Trade insurance policy you may not be fully covered, or even covered at all.

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Unsure If You Need Cover for Moving Client Vehicles Included in Your Motor Trade Insurance?

If you’ve got any questions regarding whether your Motor Trade business needs to add cover for moving client vehicles to your Motor Trade insurance policy, we are here to help. We’ve helped countless motor traders design a bespoke Traders insurance policy that’s perfectly suited to the specific needs of their business.

Having a Motor Trade insurance policy that properly covers your business is essential. So, if you need Motor Trade insurance or need to add the ability to drive customer cars to your policy, then why not speak to one of the UK’s leading Motor Trade insurance brokers. Get in touch today by clicking Get a Quote or call 0800 221 8077 for free.