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Who Needs Car Garage Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Car Garage insurance.

Who May Need Car Garage Insurance?

Anyone that owns and runs an MOT or Car Garage will need this type of policy. It can provide all of the protection you require in one single policy, giving you complete confidence that everything is covered. If you are working on, fixing or testing client vehicles then this is the perfect insurance for you. 

If you have any mechanics, bookkeepers or other employees working for you then you will have to take out Employers’ Liability insurance by law. If you work from a fixed business premises you may want to consider a Motor Trade Combined policy so that you can cover your buildings and the property inside, without which you might not be able to operate. 

Who could use Car Garage & MOT Garage insurance:

  • MOT Centres
  • Service Centres
  • Part Time
  • Full Time
  • If you have any Employees
  • Tool Cover
  • Machinery Cover

How To Get A Quote?

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