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Car Jockey

What Is Car Jockey Insurance?

Find out more about Car Jockey insurance and what it covers.

What Is Car Jockey Insurance And What Does It Cover?

Car Jockey insurance covers anyone working in the parking and vehicle storage industry, whose staff need to move customer vehicles which are left in their control. This type of policy is ideal for anyone involved in airport parking, ferry terminal parking, plus other entertainment parking occupations such as hotels and casinos. Read below for full details on car jockey insurance and what it covers.

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Car Jockey Insurance Explained

Car Jockey insurance covers people who move, park and store other peoples’ vehicles for a short period of time, such as night club, restaurant or event car parking, airport parking or ferry terminal parking. Car Jockeys need insurance to cover them driving numerous vehicles of different engine sizes, values and specification. 

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They will also need cover for Public and Employers’ Liability due to the nature of the work carried out. A Car Jockey policy may also include cover for offices and equipment, money, business interruption and theft, as well as businesses with multiple sites or compounds.

So what can Car Jockey insurance cover?

  • Flexible customer vehicle indemnity limits
  • Static Parking Risks
  • Employers’ Liability Cover
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Office & Equipment Cover
  • Multiple Driver Cover
  • Tool Cover
  • Compound Cover
  • Multiple Premises
  • Split Indemnity
  • Cover for drivers with convictions & claims

How To Get A Quote?

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