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Who Needs Car Jockey Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Car Jockey insurance.

Who Needs Car Jockey Insurance?

Car Jockey insurance is aimed at anyone who works at a car park or parking lot, and is responsible for moving and parking customer vehicles, on or off site. Anyone typically working in close proximity to the entertainment and travel industry, offering a car parking or short term storage service where a vehicle is taken and stored off site for a short period (such as a holiday), would need car jockey insurance. 

While you won’t necessarily be driving long distances, you will be driving lots of different vehicles, each with differing values and engine sizes, so it is vital you have the right cover in place for all eventualities.

This cover is a must for anyone working in any of the following occupations:

  • Car Jockeys
  • Airport Long Stay Car Parking
  • Ferry Terminal Parking
  • Restaurant Car Parking
  • Casino Car Parking
  • Hotel Car Parking
  • Wedding Car Parking
  • Full-time & Part Time Car Jockeys

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