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Why Do I Need Car Jockey Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Car Jockey insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Car Jockey Insurance?

As a car jockey you will be in and out of customer vehicles all day, every day, but just because you aren’t in any single vehicle for any length of time, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be involved in any accidents

In fact, because you are constantly changing vehicles, with different speeds, spec and set ups, you’re probably more likely to be involved in an incident than if you spent all day in one car. Add this to the fact you’re likely working in tight spaces, with lots of other cars in close proximity, and the potential risk of you damaging a client’s car might be quite high, so having adequate insurance in place to cover you, is a must.

So why should you have cover?

  • It’s the Law!
  • To Cover Client Vehicles
  • To Cover Public Liability Claims
  • To Cover Your Employees
  • To Cover Single Premises
  • To Cover Multiple Premises
  • To Cover Compounds

How To Get A Quote?

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