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Do I Get a Discount With a Letter That Says Claims Free Driving?

No Claims Discount may be applicable to your Motor Trade insurance policy if proof is provided.

If you have had a Motor Trade insurance policy with a broker and haven’t shopped around for a while, you may find that a Motor Trade insurance policy from Think Insurance is more competitive and suits your needs better. However, if you have several years of No Claims Discount built up, then you may be hesitant to leave your current broker because you’re worried that you can’t transfer your NCD and might lose your discount.

Don’t worry! Moving insurance companies doesn’t always mean losing your No Claims Discount. In fact, most insurance companies will recognise No Claims Discount from a fellow reputable insurance company and will often mirror the NCD, though they will require proof of No Claims Discount to be provided in some form or another, in order for the discount to be recognised and applied to your quote/policy.

At Think Insurance, we will accept No Claims Discount from another broker or insurance company providing that your current/previous employer confirms in writing, on their letterheaded paper, the dates which you were driving, along with their insurer's name and their policy number.

If you haven’t had a previous job in the motor trade, then you will have not had any claims free driving experience in that profession and so this won’t be relevant, however under certain circumstances we may accept proof of No Claims Discount from the following type of policies instead:

  • Private Car insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle insurance
  • Taxi insurance
  • Fleet experience
  • Named Driver experience

The more No Claims Discount that you can provide, the better position you may be in to get a cheaper Motor Trade insurance policy, and so we will try to help you get the best quote possible, with what you have available to use. If you want to find out more, or if you want to speak to one of our specialists about your Motor Trade insurance No Claims discount and how much we might be able to save you on your policy, then call us on 0330 127 4100.