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Do I Need to Run My Motor Trade Business From a Premises?

Where do you need to run your business from in order to get a Motor Trade insurance policy? See below for details.

In short, no, you do not need to run your motor trade business from a specific premises in order to get a Motor Trade insurance policy. There are different types of Motor Trade insurance cover to suit where you operate your business from. You can get Motor Trade insurance to cover you for the following:

motor trader working from home

Working from home – for motor traders working from their home, either from their garage, driveway or other land that’s part of their home premises, this can be covered by a Motor Trade Road Risk policy. If you work from home, you must remember to tell your Home insurance provider to ensure that your policy covers you/ allows you to use your home for business purposes, otherwise, if anything related to the motor trade business were to happen to cause damage to your home, then you might not be covered. For example, if you keep the keys to your stock or business vehicles in the house, and someone were to break in to the house to get the keys to steal the cars, then, while the vehicles would be covered on your Motor Trade insurance policy, the damage to your home might not be covered by your Home insurance, and you could be left out of pocket.

Mobile motor traders – there are several areas of the motor trade where you wouldn’t necessarily need a premises to operate your business from, instead, working on the road at your customer’s or at someone else’s premises. For example a mobile mechanic who travels to their customer’s premises to fix their vehicles, or a mobile valeter who goes out to peoples’ homes or places of work to valet their vehicles can also be covered under a Motor Trade Road Risk policy.

car sales insurance

Working from a fixed premises – for those working in the motor trade from a fixed premises, such as a mechanic, MOT tester or motor trader, then you can get a policy to cover elements of your premises too. You can get your Road Risk elements covered as above, but you can also get the premises and contents covered too with additions to your road risk policy or under a Motor Trade Combined policy

Wherever you work, if you have customers coming to visit you at your home or premises, then you may also want to consider Motor Trade Public Liability insurance too. 

To find out exactly what type of Motor Trade insurance policy you need for your business and circumstances, call 0800 221 8077 and speak to one of our specialists today. 


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