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Do You Cover Recovery Vehicles?

Cover for recovery vehicles is available but there may be conditions.

Many motor traders may utilise a recovery vehicle as part of their motor trade operation, and therefore will want to make sure that this essential piece of equipment is properly insured.

my motor trade insurance policy does it cover recovery vehicles

The Motor Trade insurance policies we offer can cover recovery vehicles, however some insurers may have additional terms that you must comply with in order to cover your recovery vehicle under your Motor Trade insurance policy.

When adding your recovery vehicle you will need to disclose what you use the vehicle for. The recovery vehicle may just be for retrieving your own vehicles, however there are other motor trade occupations that may run services that use a recovery vehicle, such as mechanics and vehicle recovery services. 

Most Motor Trade insurers will cover recovery vehicle use for Motor Trade purposes, such as transporting vehicles to and from auction if you have a Vehicle Sales insurance policy, or picking up and dropping off customer’s cars if you have a Motor Trade insurance for Mechanics policy.

However, some Motor Trade insurers may have restrictions when it comes to insuring a recovery vehicle as part of a Motor Traders insurance policy.

One of the most common restrictions of recovery vehicles on Trade Car insurance policies is weight. Most insurers that are on our panel have weight restrictions between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes, however some insurers may cover recovery vehicles that weigh up to 44 tonnes.

If you’re looking to add a recovery vehicle to your policy mid-term, then it would be wise to check the terms and conditions of your insurance contract to see if it’s possible, and what restrictions there are, before purchasing the vehicle.

A recovery vehicle can be covered in the same way your Personal vehicle is, in the sense there are three levels of a cover for a recovery vehicle:

Third Party Only – Covers damage to a third party vehicle in the event of an incident that is deemed the insured’s fault, including if the vehicle on the back of the truck falls off, causing damage to a third party.

Third Party, Fire & Theft – Includes the same protections as Third Party Only (above), but also includes damage to the truck as a result of fire, and theft.

Comprehensive – This covers damage to both your recovery truck and third party vehicles in the event of an incident that is your fault. It also covers the things mentioned in the Third Party, Fire & Theft section above.

However, Comprehensive cover for your recovery truck will not cover the vehicle(s) on the back, and in the event of an incident they will not be insured for any damage or loss. To make sure the vehicles you transport are covered you will need to have either Carriage of Vehicles cover or Goods in Transit cover.

Vehicle Recovery Insurance Cover

When insuring your recovery truck you will be asked to commit to paying an Excess for the recovery truck in the event of a claim, however this is likely to be higher than your Personal vehicle excess and the amount you pay depends heavily on the weight of the truck. The more a truck weighs, the more damage it could potentially cause in accident. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a recovery truck for your business, or you’re looking to add one on to your existing Motor Trade insurance policy, then call our expert team on 0330 127 4100.