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DVSA Launch New Qualification for MOT Testers

The new DVSA qualification for MOT testers explained, when it comes into force and if you need it.

The DVSA are to launch a new qualification for MOT Testers and Managers in a bid to improve standards and consistency.

What Is It?

Following the introduction of the annual training and assessment, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have introduced two qualifications; one for MOT Testers and one for MOT Managers. It allows motor traders to carry out MOT tests at authorised testing stations.

New Qualification

The new qualification for MOT testers requires a minimum of four years’ experience in the motor trade and the relevant technical qualification. Applicants will need to complete the qualification, pass a practical assessment, with a final assessment being conducted by a DVSA examiner. The course will cover both theory and practical training and will last at least 29 hours with a minimum of eight hours practical training. There are five parts to the course: Safe working practices in the vehicle test centre, Working relationships within the vehicle test centre, Managing your own professional development as an MOT Tester, Carrying out pre-test checks for an MOT test and Carrying out an MOT test. Once completed you will get a Level 2 MOT Testing Award in either Class 1 and 2 vehicles (Group A) or Class 4 and 7 vehicles (Group B). Once you’ve got your Level 2, you need to pass a DVSA MOT demonstration test, which can be done at either the training centre you qualified at or the MOT testing station you work at.

MOT Managers

Before undertaking the new MOT qualification, MOT Managers need to have taken an approved course such as the former 2-day DVSA course or a Level 3 award in MOT Test Centre Management.

When Does It Come Into Force?

September 2016.

I’m An MOT Tester, Will I Need It?

The new test is only required if you aren’t already an MOT Tester. However for current MOT Testers there is a 3 hour refresher training course to be taken each year followed by an assessment. MOT Testers taking this new course will then also be required to take the 3 hour refresher on an annual basis. According to the DVSA website, as an MOT Tester you would be required to plan and do your training, keeping a record of what you’ve done along with along with any evidence, and finally booking and taking the annual assessment.

Transport Minister

Transport Minister, Lord Ahmad, said: “MOT Testers do an excellent and essential job ensuring that vehicles are fit to be driven on our roads. We want all workers to be proud of their profession and drivers to be sure they are getting the right test result. We are introducing this new qualification and training and assessment regime to further boost the reputation of the profession.”

Insurance For MOT Testers

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