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Who Needs Employers' Liability Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Employers’ Liability insurance.

Who Needs Employers’ Liability Insurance?

In short, any business, in any industry in the UK that employs at least one person (either employee contract or apprenticeship) needs Employers’ Liability cover. The law states that a minimum level of cover must be in place, however business owners can choose to increase this level for greater protection. 

The minimum level of cover required is £5m, however it is the employers’ responsibility to judge whether £5m is sufficient to cover all risks and liabilities. It doesn’t matter whether you only employ a single mechanic or a part-time administrator or bookkeeper, you still need cover. If your business is not registered as a limited company and you only employ close members of your family then you may actually be exempt from this requirement, but if you’re not sure, then please check before deciding whether to buy a policy or not. 

So, Employers’ Liability is a must for anyone working in the motor trade that employees any of the following:

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