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Ford Transit Lock Picker Sold On Amazon Causes Anger

Ford Transit drivers were left outraged after a lock picker was made easily available to thieves on Amazon.

Mobile motor traders who own Ford Transit vans beware, as Amazon sell a skeleton key that allows thieves’ access to your van.

A number of sellers on the popular online marketplace are selling the lock pick, with prices starting as low as £16.79. It allows easy access to the popular Ford van, which means many motor traders are becoming vulnerable.

However, there are videos on YouTube showing Transit drivers how to combat against the tool, and for anyone that has to keep their tools in their van it will be worthwhile making sure your Transit is lock pick proof. Not all Transit drivers have been able to secure their vans however, leading to a number of negative reviews blasting Amazon for selling the product:

One user titled his review ‘Outraged’ and left this message: “Thieves used this item to steal all my tools out of my van. Why sell it?”

Another said: “Well done Amazon for selling a lock pick that can aid the theft of tools and vans from the hard working people of Great Britain. Hang your heads in shame!”

The sale of the tool was also described by one user as stupid: “Very stupid selling these to the general public and not just to genuine locksmiths! People having their vans nicked and/or tools!”

Stories like this highlight the need for the correct insurance for motor traders who keep tools and equipment in their vans, whether they drive Transits or other models. Making sure you are properly insured is essential, because if you’re not and the worst does happen you could be facing a big hole in your finances. Click Get a Quote below or to speak to one of our Motor Trade insurance experts call us for free on 0330 127 4100.