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Update Your MID

Need help to update your MID? Just select your insurer from before for more help on updating the motor insurance database.

MID Updates With Tradewise

Tradewise Logo

Do you have a Tradewise policy and need help to update your MID details? Watch our video.

MID Updates With Policy Plan

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Are you a Policy Plan customer needing help to update your MID details? This section tells you how

MID Updates With TradeX

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Got a Tradex policy and need to make MID updates? Watch this video for more information.

MID Updates With Covea

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Insured with Covea and need to update the MID? We tell you what you need to know and do in this section.

MID Updates With Granite

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Covered by Granite and want to make an MID update? This section gives you all the info.

MID Updates With Think Insurance

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Do you need help updating your MID details? Click below to find out what you have to do.