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How To Get Motor Trade Insurance?

Find out what you need to do to get a Motor Trade insurance policy.

Before you can get a Motor Trade insurance policy, you must first decide what type of Motor Trade policy is right for your business.

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Decide What Type Of Motor Trade Insurance Policy You Need

Motor Trade insurance isn't a one-size-fits-all type of insurance product, and a good insurance broker will be able to help you create a bespoke Trade Car insurance policy that fits your needs and the needs of your motor trade business. This is because a Mechanics insurance policy for a medium sized business will differ from a Road Risk Only policy for a solo vehicle sales trader, as the insurance policy for the mechanic may have a number of insurance products added it that wouldn’t be suitable for sole trader with a Vehicle Sales insurance policy.

What Types Of Motor Trade Insurance Are There?

There are two basic insurance products for motor traders; Road Risk Only and Combined, and both have three basic levels of cover: Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft, and Comprehensive. 

At Think Insurance, we offer a number of Motor Trade insurance policies, including: 

  • Car Garage insurance
  • Mechanic insurance
  • Mobile Mechanic insurance
  • Vehicle Sales insurance
  • Tyre Fitters insurance
  • Bodyshop insurance
  • Car Jockey insurance
  • Valeters insurance

Within those basic Motor Trade insurance policy titles are varying levels of cover, and also additional Trade Car insurance products. The level of cover required can also vary for the motor trade business in question. For example, a sole trader, with a second occupation, that’s just started selling cars from the driveway of their home on a part-time basis, may only be able to afford a Road Risk Third Party Only insurance policy with Demonstration Cover. This type of policy would be the legal minimum cover that this vehicle seller needs to trade.

However, as that vehicle seller grows their motor trade business, they may need to turn it into a full-time occupation, and will therefore need to change their Motor Trade insurance from a part-time policy to a full-time policy, and maybe one with a Comprehensive level of cover. More growth may see the vehicle seller acquire a plot of land or a specific business premises, and their Motor Trade insurance policy should also reflect that. This means they may need additional insurance products for their Trade Car policy such as Stock of Vehicles, Buildings & Contents cover and cover for cash kept on site.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Trade Car Insurance Policy? Try Think Insurance!

To get a Motor Trade insurance policy that’s specially designed to suit the needs of your business, you may want to find a leading Motor Trade insurance broker to help you out. That’s where Think Insurance can help! We have over 30 years combined experience in the insurance industry and have not only helped motor traders get insurance, but have also helped motorists from convicted drivers, to young drivers, and even taxi drivers, to get insured.

Our team of highly trained Motor Trade insurance specialists will help you get the right insurance for your business. To get a Trade Car insurance quote call 0800 221 8077 or click 'Get A Quote' below.

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