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If My Spouse Was on the Policy Could They Take the Children to School?

If you were to add your spouse to your Motor Trade Policy, they could take the children to school but only if you have the right type of policy use - read on for further information.

If you are adding your spouse or partner on to your Motor Trade insurance policy, they will be able to take your children to school, and other locations, but only if the policy that you have taken out includes Social, Domestic and Pleasure use. Social, Domestic and Pleasure use will allow any Named Driver on your insurance policy to use the car for domestic reasons, including shopping, commuting, family outings and ferrying the children to and from school.

If you are considering adding your spouse on to the policy, there are a few things that you will need to consider before deciding whether to add them or not. Firstly, look how old they are. Younger drivers, particularly drivers under 25 might cost more to add to a policy, and if you can get them added, there may be other criteria or restrictions applied to their activity on the policy.

Secondly, consider their driving record/history. Do they have any motoring convictions and if so, how many and what were they for? If your spouse or partner has certain, more serious, driving convictions, this may affect the cost of your premium. Likewise, if they have an excessive number of driving convictions then we may not be able to provide cover for them at all.

Thirdly, you should also look at whether or not they have any non motoring convictions and what they were for. There are certain criminal convictions that we would not be able to cover, including fraud and insurance fraud, along with several others. For full details of what we can or can’t cover, ask one of our experts.

Also it is worth noting that the minimum licence length for any driver taking out or being added to a policy is 1 year. You may also want to look at what No Claims Bonus they currently have as this can affect things as well.

The more complex and complicated the record and circumstances of the additional drivers that you add to your policy, the greater the chance that the options for cover will be limited. We have a panel of insurers, each with their own criteria for cover, and between them we have a wide spectrum of what we are able to find cover for. However, there will be some circumstances that we are not able to cover at all, so if you are not sure or want to chat things through with a product expert, please call us on 0330 127 4100.