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Is There an Age Limit on This Type of Insurance?

Some Motor Trade insurance policies require you to be within a certain age range, continue reading to find out more.

Most Motor Trade insurance policies will require that you are over 25 years old, although there are some policies on the market that will cover drivers under 25 – though the general rule is that you will have to pay more, the younger you are. If you secure insurance under 25 you may find that you have a lower level of cover, or have certain policy restrictions in place, including larger excesses or engine size/vehicle performance restrictions.

With Think Insurance, we have a panel of insurers which each have different criteria and requirements, and while not all of them may cover under 25 year olds, some of them may, though there will likely be conditions and restrictions associated with the cover.

If you need to add someone who is under 25 years old on to your Motor Trade insurance policy, then they must either be a business partner or they must be under paid employment of the business. We wouldn’t be able to add the proposer’s son or daughter for personal/ social use if they are under 25 years old if they have no involvement in the motor trade. Whether that be for a Car Jockey insurance policy or any other type of Motor Trade insurance policy, such as Valeters insurance.

The upper age limit for our Motor Trade insurance policies can differ by provider so to find out if you or your employees can or can’t be added to a policy, call 0330 127 4100 and ask one of our product experts.

Obviously there are lots of different factors and circumstances and each Motor Trade insurance policy is tailored to the individual motor trader or business being covered, so for the latest information around what we can or can’t cover, or for help and advice on how best to set up your policy, please speak to a member of our specialist team.