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London Motor Trade Insurance

If you’re looking for London Motor Trade insurance then we explain what it entails, and how you can get it.

London has received a reputation for being more expensive than other parts of the country, and as someone looking for London Motor Trade insurance, you might be wondering if this applies to Traders insurance too.

Location Matters for London Motor Trade Insurance

Like any other city or town in the UK, the specific area of the city that your motor trade business is run from or located in can have a huge effect on the price of your policy. That also applies to London; if you’re situated in an area of London with a low crime rate, and the vehicles you stock or store on site are locked away in a secure garage or fenced area, then you are likely to pay less for your insurance than someone who does the same in an area with a higher crime rate, whether you operate in London, Birmingham or any other British city.

London Motor Trade Insurance

Reduce Your London Motor Trade Insurance Price

You may have already received a few quotes for your Motor Trade insurance policy, and the prices you’ve been quoted may be quite expensive, so you’re probably looking for ways get those prices down. If you’ve got employees added onto the policy, you may want to think about who you really need insured to drive cars for your business.

If some of the employees on your policy are quite young, it might be wise to rethink adding them to your Traders insurance policy. Whilst most Motor Trade insurers will accept traders above the age of 21, they much prefer drivers to be over 25. Poor driving history including driving convictions can also negatively affect the prices you get back from Motor Trade insurance brokers, so consider all your drivers and their motoring history before deciding to add them to your policy.

best motor trade insurance rates London

Get Exclusive Rates

Whilst there are changes you can make to your motor trade business, in terms of how you operate, where you store vehicles, equipment and tools, and who you add to your Traders insurance policy, there’s only so much that you can change. Of course, you still want to make sure you have the best Motor Trade insurance for your business and it covers all the aspects of your work that you need it to.

If you’re still struggling to find a satisfactory Motor Trade insurance quote, even after doing a thorough survey of your business, what else can you do?

We would recommend you find an experienced Motor Trade insurance broker, such as ourselves, who can potentially give you access to exclusive London Motor Trade insurance quotes. This is something that you might not be able to achieve by using a Motor Trade insurance comparison site, and you might not even be able to get those quotes by going direct through an insurer.

Get a Quote with Think Insurance

By using a specialist insurance broker, you’ll also have access to a team of highly trained Motor Trade insurance experts, who have dealt with traders up and down the country. They’ll be able to help you configure a London Motor Trade insurance policy that works for your business, so if you’d like a chat about your policy please call 0330 127 4100.

After receiving a quote from us, if you have any questions or queries about the policy being offered to you and would like them to be explained in person, we can accommodate you. Due to our location, we have excellent transport links to London. Our offices can easily be reached from the M6 or by train, so what are you waiting for? Click ‘Get a Quote’ below to see how we can help you today!