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Mobile Mechanic Insurance

Road Risk and Combined Motor Trade Insurance designed to suit mobile mechanics and mobile mechanic businesses.

What Is Mobile Mechanic Insurance And What Does It Cover?

Mobile Mechanic insurance is aimed at those mechanics that don’t operate out of a fixed premises, instead working on the road, visiting customers at their own premises, homes or place of work. This is a policy that can have your business fully covered in all the areas you require regardless of whether you are full or part time. Your cover needs to recognise that you are mobile, you will be transporting tools, and you will have your own vehicle. Do you have any employees? If so, then you will need Employers’ Liability insurance by law. Public Liability and Product liability are both additional optional levels of cover, but for your area of work they are recommended in order to protect you against injury caused to members of the public, or claims against you following faulty parts fitted or work carried out.

Mobile Mechanics Insurance Explained

As a Mobile Mechanic, it could be easy to get confused as to what kind of policy is right for you and what it is exactly that you need compared to a mechanic operating out of specific, fixed premises. There are three types of cover available to you; Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive. Choosing which level of cover you require is simple - you just need to think how much you depend on your vehicles and if you could continue trading if something were to happen to them.

Third Party Only cover will only protect other peoples’ vehicles and property in the case of an accident that was your fault; Third Party, Fire & Theft will do the same but also give you a little extra protection covering your own vehicles against fire and theft; Comprehensive cover however will protect all of the above as well as any damage incurred to your own vehicles. Being mobile, there’s a high chance that your vehicles are imperative to your business operating, so it would be recommended that you at least take out a policy that offers some protection for your own vehicles.

Then there’s Employers’ Liability….If your business has any employees, no matter what their position or role may be, then you are required by law to have Employers’ Liability insurance in place to cover you against any sickness, injury or even death suffered by an employee as a direct result of your business’s activity. There are 2 other types of Liability insurance; Public and Product - both are recommended for your business but are not required by law.

Public Liability is the same as Employers’ Liability except that it covers you against claims made by members of the public. If you have any involvement whatsoever with members of the public, then the inclusion of this product should be given serious consideration because a successful claim against you, after legal fees, could be many thousands of pounds. Due to the nature of what you do and the responsibility you have, it is highly recommended that Product Liability insurance is also taken out. This will cover the work you do to a customer’s vehicle and the products you fit. If the worst were to happen and a repair that you carried out failed, then at least you would be covered against any damages or further costs incurred if you are sued as a result.

Insurance To Keep Your Business On The Road

Get a Mobile Mechanics insurance policy that can provide you with cover for the things you need most, including driving customer vehicles on the road for testing and diagnosing, plus Public Liability cover to protect you against claims arising as a result of injury to a member of the public or damage to their property. You can also protect your tools, money, equipment and employees if you have any. 

Why Is It Important To Have Mobile Mechanics Insurance?

Firstly, it is important for all mobile mechanics operating a business to have at least a basic level of motor trade insurance cover in place because it is required by law. The law has been set so that the minimum level of insurance required will cover any third parties that could be affected if you were to have an accident and cause any damage. After that, insurance is there to protect you and your business so that if something were to happen, then you would be covered and still able to continue trading, so the level and extent of the insurance policy you purchase is down to you, and what you feel is necessary to protect your business sufficiently.
Most mechanics won’t be able to work without their tools and equipment, so it’s vital to make sure these are also covered by your policy. The only two products that are a legal requirement are third party only cover and, if you have any employees, Employers’ Liability insurance. As a mobile mechanic, being around members of the public, being hands on with customers’ vehicles, and potentially around their premises and property, it would also be a good idea to have Product and Public Liability Insurance.
Public Liability will cover you against any claims made by the public for sickness, injury or death as a result of the actions of your business, while Product Liability will protect the work carried out to a vehicle, so if you fit a new set of brake pads to a customer’s car which then turn out to be faulty leading to further damage and a claim against you, you’ll have protection in place to cover you. A secondary benefit to having both of these products would be to portray a positive impression of your company to your customers, helping to demonstrate that you can fully protect them and their property. Also it will give you peace of mind knowing that if something bad were to happen, then you will not find yourself owing thousands of pounds, and potentially risking the future of your business.

So, why do you need Mobile Mechanics insurance?

  • It Is A Requirement By Law
  • To Provide A Positive Image
  • To Protect Your Business
  • To Cover Your Assets
  • Provide Cover For Employees
  • Cover Any Work Carried Out

Features & Benefits Of Our Mobile Mechanics Insurance Policies

Whether you’re a mobile mechanic, vehicle servicer, repairer or motor engineer working from home, on the road or from a fixed premises, we can help you find the right Road Risk or Combined cover policy for your business. We can offer you buildings and contents cover, plus policies that include Sales and Service Indemnity to cover the work you carry out and the parts you may fit to a customer’s vehicle. We can provide protection for your employees, your vehicles, plus your tools and equipment too. Our mobile mechanics policies can include the following:

  • Road Risk Cover
  • Cover To Drive Customer Cars
  • Full & Part-Time Mechanics
  • Tools & Portable Tools Cover
  • Buildings & Contents Cover
  • Goods In Transit Protection Sales & Service Indemnity
  • Public & Employers’ Liability
  • Split Indemnity Available
  • Multiple Driver Cover
  • Protected No Claims Bonus
  • Driving Convictions Covered

Who Will Need Mobile Mechanics Insurance?

If you drive around to various locations fixing customer vehicles, either as your part time or full time job, then this is the policy for you. Whether you specialise in working on specific vehicles such as HGVs and trucks, or fix anything with two or more wheels and an engine, you will need mobile mechanics insurance. Although basic cover is required by law, you can still choose the type of cover you want, depending on your needs. If you currently employ anyone, regardless of whether they are another mechanic, bookkeeper or admin support, then it is the law to have Employers’ Liability insurance in place.

You will need it for the following:

  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Mobile HGV Mechanics
  • Part-Time Mobile Mechanics or Businesses
  • Full-Time Mobile Mechanics or Businesses

Why Pick Think For Your Mechanics Insurance?

Are you still looking for more reasons to get a Mobile Mechanics insurance quote from Think? No problem, here are some additional features and benefits of our Mobile Mechanics insurance cover:

  • Part-time and full time mobile mechanics can be covered
  • For those mobile mechanics working from home, we’ve got Road Risk policies available
  • For those working from designated premises we’ve got Combined cover available
  • We are specialists for motor trade related policies including mobile mechanics
  • Public Liability and Employers’ Liability cover also available
  • Free 24/7 Claims Helpline managed by Kingsway
  • Flexible payment options available

How to get a quote?

Want to find out more, speak to an expert or get a Mobile Mechanics insurance quote? Call our specialist team on 0330 127 4100 or click Get a Quote below to find out how much you could save.