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What Are the Benefits of Being a Mobile Mechanic?

Having no fixed place of work for your business means you can offer a more flexible service as a mobile mechanic.

If you’ve ever wondered about going solo as a mobile mechanic, here’s some of the reasons why you should consider it!

No Fixed Place Of Work

Your workspace becomes wherever your customer’s car is, which may seem problematic for some jobs, but it actually gives you more chance of gaining customers. From a car owner’s point of view, having someone that can come out to you is a huge attraction for a lot of people. If you can offer a reliable and hassle free service, you could become very popular.

If you ever get bored of the area you work in, you can just up sticks and move – with no physical location tying you down, you’re free to operate anywhere in the UK.

Working Hours

As a mobile mechanic you will have the choice of when to work, but you will probably find that the demand for your service determines when you work. You may find that offering your services at a time when regular garages and mechanics aren’t operating, therefore creating a well-appreciated niche service, gives you better results and more customers.

Cheaper Than A Garage

As you won’t have any of the costs associated with operating from a garage, you’ll be able to pass those savings onto your customer, which means offering a cheaper but equally as good service as a regular garage.

What Insurance Will You Need?

To operate as a mobile mechanic you will need specialist Mobile Mechanic Insurance, which could include Road Risk cover, as well as cover for driving customers cars, tools (& portable tools), Sales & Service Indemnity, and Goods In Transit Protection. For full details of what a policy could include, speak to a specialist broker.

Are You A Mobile Mechanic Looking For Insurance?

If you like the sound of being a mobile mechanic, take the plunge and get in touch with Think Insurance for a specialist motor trade quote. Alternatively if you are already a mobile mechanic and in need of an insurance quote get in touch now by calling us on 0330 127 4100.