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Motor Trade Insurance for Convicted Drivers

You can still take out a Motor Trade insurance policy even if you have convictions whether they are motoring related or not.

Motor Trade insurance can be a confusing subject at the best of times, but add convictions, whether motoring or criminal, in to the mix and it can become a little daunting. Here's some more info on what they are and how they can affect you.

Minor Motoring Convictions

The majority of minor motoring convictions will remain visible to the DVLA for three years; either from when the offence took place or the date of conviction. The most common speeding offences (SP30) follow this format. These convictions are required to remain on your driving licence for four years. From an insurance perspective though, these convictions must be disclosed to your insurers for five years, meaning that although you technically have a clean licence, your insurance company may think otherwise. The insurance companies are aware of this however, and may take it into account.

Convicted Motor Trade Insurance

Serious Motoring Convictions

More serious motoring convictions such as drink driving charges (DR10) remain ‘active’ for much longer. They will remain on your driving licence for up to eleven years, but insurance companies may only legally require to be aware of them for 5 years afterwards - but as this is a discrepancy, individual cases may vary, and if you are not sure if this applies to you, please discuss it with your insurance company.

Totting Up

A common misconception is the belief that once a ban for numerous points has been received, known as ‘totting up’ (TT99), the licence is clean after that. These instances usually lead to a six month driving ban and happen when twelve points have accumulated. Rather than your licence being ‘clean’ after the ban, the information remains for four years from the conviction date, and most insurers will require you to keep them informed for five years.

Always Tell Your Broker About All Convictions

It is always wise to be honest with your insurer from the word go if you’re not sure about any convictions or issues you may have, rather than find out your policy may not be valid should you choose to hold back information. Insurers don’t tend to look favourably on customers who have held convictions back, and it is likely that you will see your premium rise, at the very least. In certain cases however, failure to provide accurate information may result in your policy being invalid, which will obviously leave you in difficulties should a claim need to be made.

motor trade insurance for criminal convictions

Criminal Convictions

Criminal convictions are sometimes relevant when applying for any type of motor or motor trade insurance, and should always be disclosed when speaking to your broker, just in case. If there are any relevant material facts relating to your conviction then you must tell the insurer, who will determine whether there are risk related factors which will influence the premium. Depending upon their severity and circumstances, these factors may also result in the insurer declining to offer you cover.

Prison Sentences

Disclosing criminal convictions should be done so in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, but generally speaking, any conviction that carried a prison sentence of less than six months should be disclosed for seven years, and those convictions with a prison term of over six months will be noted for ten years.

Contact Your Broker

If you have a motoring conviction or a criminal conviction and you are looking to take out motor trade insurance then the best thing to do is disclose everything right from the start, to prevent problems later on or disappointment when you have to pay an increased premium when your insurer does find out, or worst case, you have an accident and discover they won’t pay out on your claim. If you’re not sure, then the best thing to do is ask. Better to be safe than sorry!

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