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If you are looking for Motor Trade insurance in Birmingham we can help you out. Our location means we are ideally placed for traders in the Second City.

Taking out a Motor Trade insurance policy in Birmingham is as easy as taking out a Traders policy in any other part of England.

Birmingham Motor Trade Insurance

Are There Advantages to Getting Motor Trade Insurance in Birmingham

Just like getting insurance in any other major city there will be both advantages and disadvantages, and it can of course depend on the area of the city you are located in. If you’re looking to take out Motor Trade insurance in Birmingham and your postcode has a high history of crime, especially car or vehicle related crime such as car theft, then you might find that getting a Cheap Motor Trade insurance policy is harder than if you were located in other parts of the city. There may even be some areas that can’t be covered at all.

If you are located in the Second City and are looking to expand your trade business, or perhaps you are hoping to move your motor trade operation to a dedicated site, then the best course of action would be to look at areas of the city where there is a lower crime rate. However, a crime rate isn’t the only aspect of your location that could alter your Motor Trade insurance price.

When insurers calculate an insurance price for Car insurance or a car related policy such as Traders insurance, then they will use accident, crash and claims statistics for that area, which can have either a negative or positive effect on the price. The higher the claims rate and the cost of the claims in an area, the more this will likely impact the cost of your cover. So, when changing location, it’s definitely worth contacting your insurance broker to make sure your potential move doesn’t have a major impact on the price of your Motor Trade insurance policy, or even make it impossible to get affordable cover at all.

Choose Think Insurance If You Need Motor Trade Insurance in Birmingham

The Think Insurance offices are perfectly placed to serve our Motor Trade insurance customers that trade in Birmingham. We’re located just a short drive away from the M6, which means we can be accessed easily from Junction 7 through to Junction 10. For traders who need Motor Trade insurance in Birmingham and are located in the northern part of the city such as the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, we can be reached by taking the Sutton Road (B4151) in to Walsall. If you’re looking for London Motor Trade insurance instead, we can just as easily be reached by phone from the nation’s capital. 

Our location allows us to offer a face-to-face service, and whilst we aren’t able to offer parking at our offices, there is adequate free street parking in the surrounding area. So, if after receiving a quote from one of our Motor Trade insurance experts you’d like to discuss the ins and outs of the policy in person, let us know and we will happily accommodate you at our Walsall office. Our customer service is great whether it’s face-to-face or over the phone!

Motor Trade Insurance in Birmingham UK

Looking For a Motor Trade Insurance Quote in Birmingham?

If you’re looking for Motor Trade insurance in Birmingham, then look no further. A member of our Motor Trade insurance team will be happy to help you find a policy that works for your motor trade business. It’s as simple as clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ button below, leaving a few details, and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, if you would like to call us directly then you can by dialling 0330 127 4100 and then you will be put through to our Motor Trade insurance team.