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Motor Trade Insurance Online Quote

Are you looking for an online Motor Trade insurance quote?

At Think Insurance we believe in helping customers get a quote for their Motor Trade insurance policy in a way that’s suitable and convenient for all types of motor traders. Nowadays, with almost anything available online, arranging insurance over the internet is commonplace for most products however, due to the potential complicated and complex nature of a Motor Trade insurance policy, there are very few places (including Think Insurance) that will currently offer an online quote for this product at all, and there is a reason for this…

Getting a quote online, whether that’s going through an online Motor Trade insurance comparison site, or through an insurance broker, can reduce the accuracy of your policy/quote, as well as removing the personal touch and knowledge provided by actually speaking to an agent. 

By picking up the phone and calling a specialist Motor Trade insurance broker, such as ourselves, you get access to a team of well-trained professionals that can help shape your insurance policy into one that is not only bespoke but fits your motor trade business perfectly.

Understanding Motor Trade insurance is the key to obtaining a quote that works for you. By speaking to a specialist in Trade Car insurance, you may be able to gain further knowledge on how to create a Traders’ policy that works for your business. If you don’t speak to someone and try to do it online on your own, there is a chance you may not be aware of all the options available to you, or understand everything you need in order to protect your business. A specialist broker can talk you through your business and the services you offer, and make sure you are aware of all of the options available to you.

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Motor Trade Insurance Broker

Speaking to a specialist broker instead of just trying to get a Motor Trade insurance quote online can give you an insight into all of the different insurance products that can further protect your business, such as Public Liability to cover any customers visiting your premises, Product Liability to protect the work you do and the products you sell, and Employers’ Liability which is a legal requirement if you have anyone working as an employee for you.

A specialist broker can also help you understand how your insurance policy may need to change in the event that your business changes; whether that be moving to a new location such as a dedicated business premises, increasing in size or hiring an employee under the age of 25, and the impact all of these could have on your Motor Trade insurance policy.

One of the many misconceptions of online quotes is that they are often much quicker than calling a broker or insurer, however this isn’t always true. One of the reasons that it may be quicker is that it may make a number of assumptions about your business and if you are not aware or do not check these, then the details on which a quote will be based, will be wrong, which if you go ahead with the policy, you may find you are not properly protected and/or your insurer might reject any claims as a result, which could be disastrous financially for you or your business.

It may also be quicker because the insurance quote might not take into account many of the additional Motor Trade insurance products that you may need such as any of the liability insurance products mentioned above, or some of the additional covers such as Demonstration cover, Carriage of Vehicles or Tools & Equipment. Depending on your experience as a Motor Trader, your knowledge of Motor Trade insurance may be limited, which could impact how you complete any Motor Trade insurance online quote, meaning you may unknowingly answer something incorrectly and therefore your quote may not be accurate. You may even end up with some covers that you don’t need and therefore paying more than you have to!

Even if you are an experienced motor trader with years under your belt, it’s still worth talking to a specialist insurance broker, and ensuring that the insurance policy you intend to take out is right for your business, as you may have been insuring your motor trade business incorrectly for years without knowing. An experienced broker will help guide you through everything, and make sure you get the policy you need…and could even save you money in the process!

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At Think Insurance we believe that our team of well-trained and highly skilled staff can help you get the best out of your Motor Trade insurance policy, by giving you access to exclusive quotes from our list of specialist Motor Trade insurers. To speak to a member of our Trade Car insurance team you can click ‘Get a Quote’ below and we will be in touch, or you can call 0800 221 8077 to be put through to the Motor Trade insurance team today.