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Who Needs Product Liability Insurance?

Read below to find out more about who might need Product Liability insurance.

Product Liability Insurance can be very beneficial should the worst happen

The kind of motor trade related businesses that could need Product Liability insurance is a broad range; It’s practically anyone operating a business providing a service or selling a product, such as a car dealer or trader, a mechanic, a tyre or exhaust fitter, a repair centre, an MOT station, body shop garage, or paint shop. If there is a potential exposure for liability caused by any of the work your business carries out, or from the products your business sells, then you could benefit from Product Liability insurance. Maybe you have recently sold a vehicle and the handbrake had an underlying problem that didn’t show in the checks you carried out, causing it not to work properly leading to it rolling back into another car? You may have been completely unaware of this problem but you would still be liable for it and any damage caused as a result. Likewise, if you have just fitted a new tyre and the seal wasn’t tight enough causing it to deflate and damage the alloy, then you’d be liable for the cost of replacing and fixing this. 

So who could benefit from this cover?

  • Motor Traders
  • MOT Service Centre Owners
  • Mechanics
  • Valeters
  • Garage Owners
  • Tyre & Exhaust Fitters
  • Bodyshop Owners

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