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Why Do I Need Product Liability Insurance?

Read below to find out why you might need to consider Product Liability insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Product Liability Insurance?

Irrespective of how stringent you are, accidents can always happen and cannot be prevented 100%. Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control but unfortunately you may still be liable. This is where a Sales & Service Indemnity Insurance policy would cover you. It will protect the products you sell and fit to a customer’s vehicle, or the service you have performed so if the unfortunate were to happen and something does go wrong, you will not end up with huge costs to pay at the end of it. You may think that the chances of such a thing are incredibly small for you, and while that may be so, you need to consider whether you could cover the costs if an incident did happen? You need to take into account the possibility of damage caused to the customer’s car, any injury caused to them and any passengers travelling with them, and then also any third party damage or injury as a result. The cost you could be liable for in these circumstance could be quite a sum, but you then have to factor in any legal expenses too. When you look at the bigger picture, if you are in a line of work that could end up in this position, then the extra pounds to have this product added to your insurance policy could far outweigh the risks of something going wrong, and you not being properly covered.

Here’s a summary of why you should consider this cover:

  • To Cover The Services You Offer
  • To Cover Faulty Or Defective Parts Fitted
  • For Extra Business Protection
  • For Peace Of Mind
  • To Minimise Risk

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