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What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Find out more about Public Liability insurance and what it covers.

What Is Public Liability Insurance And What Does It Cover?

Motor Trade Public Liability Insurance will cover the financial costs of claims made by members of the public for accidents or incidents caused as a direct result of activity from within your business. This would typically be damage/loss of property or personal injury. Motor Trade Public Liability insurance will cover all financial claims including any legal expenses.

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Motor Trade Public Liability Insurance Explained

Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect YOU, the motor trade business owner against claims made by members of the public for accidents caused or damage made as a direct result of your business activities. Although this type of insurance is not required by law, it is still the most common policy taken out by small businesses across the UK and should be considered essential if members of the public are to be interacting with your business in any way. It is crucial that the importance of Public Liability insurance is not disregarded, as even the smallest dent to a customer’s car, or the most minor of injuries, can easily see claims mount up to a few thousand pounds after legal expenses. 

Another thing to take note of is that your potential customers are quite savvy when it comes to potential pitfalls and may well take their custom elsewhere if you do not have sufficient Public Liability insurance in place. After all, it is also in their best interest to know that the business in which they choose to trust their vehicle purchase, maintenance or cleaning with can fully protect them should the worst happen.

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Here’s a summary of why you might choose Public Liability cover:

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