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Why Do I Need Public Liability Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Public Liability insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Public Liability Insurance?

The main reason that you should take out a Motor Trade Public Liability insurance policy is to cover your business should the worst happen and a customer or member of the public gets injured or their property is lost or damaged. Ask yourself, could your business sustain a successful claim made against you? Even the smallest of claims can easily turn into £1000s due to legal expenses. With Public Liability insurance at least you can rest assured that all costs and fines will be taken care of without it having a damaging impact on your business’s financials. It is also good practice and shows your potential customers that you can fully protect both your business and their safety.

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Here’s a summary why you should choose Public Liability cover:

  • Protects Your Customers
  • Protects Members Of The Public
  • Good Business Practice
  • Covers Legal Costs
  • Instils Trust 
  • Shows Professionalism

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