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Save Money & Make Your Garage Environmentally Friendly

Suggestions on how to make your garage more environmentally friendly.

The Motor Trade and Motor Industry are both highly committed to making the world a greener place these days. With the introduction of electric vehicles, hybrids and start stop technology, it is clear that efficiency and the environment are firmly on their minds and the minds of the consumer.

So What Can You Do?

Making these simple changes to your garage, you will not only save the environment but also save your business money. The changes don’t need to be drastic, but they should most definitely be utilised to improve your business.


The most simple change you can make to your garage is by swapping the bulbs for a lower energy style. The old style fluorescent bulbs waste nearly double the amount of energy to a modern LED. The modern bulbs will also last over 6 times as long as the old style, with lifespans of more than 60,000 hours. A bigger job, but ultimately a job that will save your business hundreds of pounds every year would be to install some large sky light windows so that electric lighting needn’t always be used throughout the day.

Power Switches

Another simple change you can make in the garage is to ensure that all machinery, lighting, heating or charging equipment is turned off at night, or when not in use. A garage can save £1,000 a year by ensuring lights are not left on overnight.

Did you know?

Ensuring that 4 lights around your garage are switched off every night for a year will save as much CO2 as is produced by 20 journeys from London to Paris by car.


Recycling valuable materials such as scrap is likely to make you money, but recycling batteries, paper, plastic, glass and cans is good for the environment. While there isn’t a cash reward, your efforts will do a great deal to reduce waste in Britain.


Heating a garage is essential to the business when winter chills begin to creep in, but the heating needs to be used responsibly. A 2 degrees Celsius rise in temperature on a thermostat produces enough carbon dioxide, (the gas that causes global warming), a year to fill a hot air balloon. It will also cost you a significantly larger amount of money in heating bills. To keep bills down and your garage warm, ensure that all drafts are sealed, close windows and doors and keep the warmth in.

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