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This World Leader Bought A Nissan Micra!

Perhaps Parking In Downing Street Is A Bit Tight

In a surprising motoring twist the Prime Minister has purchased a used, blue Nissan Micra from a motor trader.

The News Broke

On Monday the news broke that the Prime Minister bought a used Nissan Micra from Witney Used Car Centre in Oxfordshire, for £1,495, presumably for his wife Samantha. Or perhaps David Cameron fancied a change from the Jaguar XJ he’s usually seen in. However when dealership boss Iain Harris received the call from Cameron’s security team asking if he could stay open half an hour extra, he suspected it was a wind up, reported the Guardian. Speaking to the Guardian, Harris said: “I thought, well I’ll stay here just in case, because the security guard said they’d arrive at 17.32 and I thought, well, that’s a bit precise. Next thing I know, Mr Cameron and his security guards turned up, and I thought, this is actually happening.”

“Just Like Any Bloke Off The Street”

Car Dealer Iain Harris then added: “He looked it over just like any bloke off the street, but not someone with mechanical knowledge, I think he must have seen it on the internet…a British-made car, five-door hatchback, not too expensive, within 10 miles of his constituency. And he found this one.”

Looking For Insurance, Sir?

I wonder if he will give us a call on 0330 127 4100 or request a quote online from Think Insurance? We’ll wait and see if he does…