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Trade Plates Explained: Get The Information You Need!

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If you’re thinking about getting into the motor trade industry you may need to obtain trade plates, but what are they and how can you get them?

What Are Trade Plates?

Trade plates allow people working in the motor trade that are in temporary possession of a vehicle (or vehicles), to drive and move them without having to tax and register them first. This allows motor traders to save money and time!

Who Can Apply For Trade Plates?

According to the DVLA, people in the motor trade industry include dealers, mechanics, manufacturers, accessory fitters, valets and repairers of vehicles that are involved in collection & delivery.

Vehicle testers that test other people’s vehicles on public roads are also eligible to apply for trade licence plates.

Where Can You Get Trade Plates From?

The only way to get genuine trade plates is through the DVLA. You need to go onto the website and download the VTL301 form to apply for your first trade licence. The form will ask you what type of business you run, plus the name, address and other business details. There are guidance notes attached to the form to help you successfully fill it out.

How Much Do Trade Licence Plates Cost?

Fees for trade licences depend on when the licence starts and for how long it’s valid. First time buyers can get licences that last from 7-11 months, whereas repeat customers are only eligible to buy six or 12 month licences. The cheapest licence available is of course the six month licence which costs £90.75 and the most expensive is the 12 month at £165. A full list of prices can be found on the page.

When Can I Apply For A Licence?

Repeat applicants can apply for a licence in January or July as they only have access to six or 12 month licences.

First time buyers can apply for a licence in any month of the year, however you can only apply for seven month licences in June & December, eight month licences in May & November, nine month licences in April & October, 10 month licences in March & August, and 11 month licences in February & August.

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When Do Trade Licence Plates Expire?

It doesn’t matter which month you apply for the licence, it will always expire in June or December, giving you the option to then join the cycle of six month or 12 month licences.

How Long Does It Take To Get Trade Plates?

According to the DVLA guidelines, you should receive confirmation of your licence and your trade plates within four weeks of a successful application. However, your licence and plates will be sent in separate packages, so don’t worry if you get one without the other!

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