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Tyre Fitters Insurance

Road Risk and Combined Motor Trade insurance policies designed specifically for tyre fitters.

Road Risk & Combined Cover For Tyre Fitters 

We are specialists in arranging insurance policies for Tyre Fitters that can cover vehicles, tools, buildings and contents, whether you’re a full or part-time fitter. You can add Employers’ Liability if you have people working for you, Product Liability to cover the tyres you fit and the work you carry out, and Public Liability to protect you in case you’re involved in an accident with a member of the public. 

What Is Tyre Fitter Insurance And What Does It Cover?

A Tyre Fitter insurance policy caters for everything you would need as part of your profession. It has 3 levels of cover; third party only, third party, fire & theft and comprehensive. There is also Employers’, Public and Product Liability insurance that you may need - with Employers’ Liability insurance being required by law if you have anyone working for you.

Tyre Fitter Insurance Explained

Having insurance is compulsory; as to what level you have on the other hand is up to you. It is worth thinking of all of the factors that could pose a problem to your business. For example, third party only is exactly that, you will only be covered for third party vehicles that are damaged, and not your own. Third party, fire & theft or comprehensive are recommended if your own vehicles are an important part of your business. If you have any employees working for you, whether they be fitting the tyres or other items such as exhausts, providing office / admin support or even cleaning your premises, you will be required by law to take out Employers’ Liability insurance. This protects you against any claims made as a result of an employee falling ill, getting injured or even dying as a consequence of business activity.
Similarly, Public Liability offers the same protection but for members of the public visiting your premises. Public Liability is not required by law, but if your business has any contact with members of the public whatsoever then it is advised, as even a trip on an uneven surface could lead to a costly claim after legal fees. Due to the nature of the work you may carry out as a tyre fitter, it is also recommended that you take out Product Liability insurance. This will cover the work you do to a customer’s vehicle in the event that something should go wrong. For example, if a tyre you fitted comes off and damages the customer’s vehicle, your insurance would have it covered.

If you operate from a business premises, you may wish to opt for a Motor Trade Combined policy. The added benefit of this is that you can add things like buildings and contents insurance so that you can cover any damage to your building, tools machinery, all of which will be essential to keeping the business running. Business Interruption cover, which compensates you for income lost during a period of downtime such as machinery failure, theft, or vehicle damage. You can also protect money that is kept at your business premises and much more.

Here is a recap:

  • Full or Part Time Cover
  • Third Party Cover
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Employers’ Liability Cover
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Product Liability Cover
  • Motor Trade Combined
  • Business & Contents Cover
  • Business Interruption Cover
  • Goods In Transit Cover
  • Tools & Equipment Cover

Features & Benefits Of Our Tyre Fitters Insurance Policies

We have a track record in helping Tyre Fitters find the right insurance for their business, whether you work as a mobile fitter out on the road, from home, or out of designated premises. For those working from home we can offer a Road Risk policy to cover your vehicles, while Combined cover policies can be put in place for fitters wanting building and contents cover. You can also protect your tools, equipment and money too. Add split Indemnity to your policy to differentiate between personal vehicles and work vehicles. Our tyre fitters insurance policies can include the following: 

  • Product Liability cover
  • Split Indemnity available
  • Buildings & Contents Cover
  • Tools & Machinery Cover
  • Full & Part-Time Fitters
  • Protection For Portable Tools
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Cover For Moving Client Cars
  • Protected No Claims Bonus
  • Drivers With Convictions
  • Mobile Tyre Fitters Covered

Who Will Need Tyre Fitter insurance?

If you’re in the business, or looking at getting into the business of Tyre Fitting then this will be the policy for you. You need to distinguish what type of cover you need by asking yourself questions such as are you full time or part time motor trade insurance, and do you operate from home, a business premises or are you mobile? Each answer will effect what kind of policy you will ideally need. Do you have employees? If so then it is a legal obligation to take out Employers’ Liability insurance. Do you wish to be insured for claims made by members of the public? If so then you will need Public Liability insurance.
You could protect the work you do on a customer’s car too by having Product Liability insurance – just in case a tyre or other part you fit is faulty, or the work you carry out isn’t right and causes further damage. Do you operate from a business premises? If the answer is yes then you would be best to look at a Motor Trade Combined policy where cover can include things like buildings and contents, business interruption, goods in transit, money on site, tools and machinery and much more!

Here’s a summary of who might need cover:

Why Is It Important To Have Tyre Fitter Insurance?

Insurance is required by law, but you can decide what level of cover best suits your needs. The basic insurance is there to protect a third party so that they do not lose out for something that wasn’t their fault. Employers’ Liability insurance is also another legal requirement, but only if you have any employees working for you.
Having Public Liability insurance will protect you against any claims made by members of the public for incidents caused on your premises or as a result of your business. An example of which would be a customer injuring themselves on something that was left lying around, whether they be tools, tyres, parts or spillages. It also shows that you are able to cover any incidents that involve accidents to the public which in turn bodes well for the perception of your Motor Trade business.
You will want to take out a policy that can cover you for practically any eventuality that could have an effect on your business. Being wise and thinking ahead will minimise the risk you could face in the future.

So why do I need cover?

  • It is a Legal Requirement
  • To Protect Your Business
  • It Can Provide Complete Cover
  • For Tyre Fitters
  • For Exhaust Fitters
  • Buildings & Contents Cover
  • Business Interruption Cover

Why Choose Think For Tyre Fitter Insurance?

  • We can cover tyre fitters working from home, from premises and mobile tyre fitters too
  • Part-time and full time tyre fitters covered
  • Cover available for full time and part-time tyre fitters
  • Road Risk and Combined cover available
  • Protected No Claims Bonus cover available
  • Award winning business
  • Sales & Service Indemnity to cover the parts you fit and the work carried out
  • Free Claims Helpline provided by Kingsway 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Flexible payment options – ask for details!

How To Get A Quote?

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