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Who Needs Tyre Fitters Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Tyre Fitter insurance.

Who Will Need Tyre Fitter insurance?

If you’re in the business, or looking at getting into the business of Tyre Fitting then this will be the policy for you. You need to distinguish what type of cover you need by asking yourself questions such as are you full time or part time motor trade insurance, and do you operate from home, a business premises or are you mobile? Each answer will effect what kind of policy you will ideally need. Do you have employees? If so then it is a legal obligation to take out Employers’ Liability insurance. Do you wish to be insured for claims made by members of the public? If so then you will need Public Liability insurance. 

You could protect the work you do on a customer’s car too by having Product Liability insurance – just in case a tyre or other part you fit is faulty, or the work you carry out isn’t right and causes further damage. Do you operate from a business premises? If the answer is yes then you would be best to look at a Motor Trade Combined policy where cover can include things like buildings and contents, business interruption, goods in transit, money on site, tools and machinery and much more!

Here’s a summary of who might need cover:

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